LDM Canal

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*** Not longer available ***

This app has been discontinued on 2018/12/11 and withdrawn from the Apple App Store. However, users who have already purchased it should be able to reinstall it at any time via the App Store by Updates-> Purchases (as long as the app is supported by the current iOS).


The LDM App is about the historic Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal in Germany. The canal once connected the rivers Danube and Main between Kelheim and Bamberg.

The App shows a total of about 150 photos of all 67 still existing locks of the old canal (from originally 100). The position of these locks is shown on a map. In addition it displays a bike path from Kelheim towards Nuremberg. This bike path has many very beautiful sections and passes all 61 locks on this segment and several of the other relicts. The App can be set up to sound a signal if the current position approaches a lock or other remain. To display the map itself the device needs to be online. But current position in relation to bike path, locks and other remains are also available in offline mode.

The App has some short paragraphs about the history of the canal and about what is left today. In addition it does present a few facts about the successor of this canal, the Main-Danube Canal.

LDM Canal is an App for both, iPhone and iPad.

Price:  see Appstore

Version 1.0.1 requires iOS 7. It now supports the larger screen of iPhone 5, solves a bug that appeared in V1.0 when running on iOS 7 and has some minor changes to support the new design of iOS 7.  All other functions are the same as in V1.0.

Version 1.0.2 was updated for current iOS and requires at least iOS 10. It has only a few minor improvements.

The main screen of the App.

Photos of all still existing 67 locks or lock ruins are displayed. The resolution of the images is the resolution of iPad 3 with Retina display. On devices with smaller screens the user can zoom in up to that size.

Scrolling between the photos of one or different locks can be  done by swipe gestures or through a menu.

Touching on the map button displays the position of the shown lock inside a map.

The map part of the App shows the position of all still existing locks and of some other interesting waypoints. Most of them are located between Nuremberg and Kelheim. For this section the App shows also a bike path that passes all 61 locks and most of the other remainings on this way.

During „Follow Mode“ the map follows the current position. If that position aproaches one of the waypoints, that waypoint will be marked and a signal is sounded. If the waypoint is a lock, its photos can be display by a tap on the chevron.

The blue line in the picture is the bike path.