Simply Notice

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*** Not longer available ***

This app has been discontinued on 2018/12/11 and withdrawn from the Apple App Store. However, users who have already installed/purchased it should be able to reinstall it at any time via the App Store by Updates-> Purchases (as long as the app is supported by the current iOS).


Do you know your telephone number? How often do you need it to put it into some form? How often did you open your contacts, searched for the right group, searched the name and looked up the number?

Simply Notice does what the name says. You can just create some simple notices and that on only one screen. But whenever you need that information it is enough to open the app and you have what you need.

Simply Notice is a free iPhone App.

The current version requires iOS 7. It was adjusted to support the new design of iOS 7 and it fixes some minor bugs. Devices pre iOS 7 can use version 2.0.1 with the same functions if they run at least iOS 6.1. For any older devices with iOS from version 5.1 Simply Notice V1.0.2 can be used.

All notices have one headline and any lines of text. All notices can be moved around the screen.

If not in edit mode, the app discovers phone numbers, web links, etc. If tapping such a link the corresponding application will be opened.

The notice display area can be zoomed in or out by the usual gestures.

Zooming and rotation properties can be adjusted via a settings menu.

The following functions can be enabled by a single one time In-App purchase:

  1. Toolbar Fade Out: The toolbar can fade out after about 3 seconds to have a larger notice view area. Tapping into the background brings the toolbar back.

  1. Enable Advertisement: The app may display some advertisement on the top of the screen. This can be disabled here.

  1. Export Notices: Allows to export all or selected notices and to send them via email to have a backup or to import them into another installation of Simply Notice.

The export function. It generates a (not readable) file that will be sent by email. If Simply Notice is installed on a receiving device a tap on the file inside the mail app will open the import dialog of Simply Notice.

In addition it is possible to email the text of one notice from the editor screen.